Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stefano Pilati .. Ermenegildo Zegna spring 2016

Welcome to reality! Yes folks, imagine that after most or really about 90% of what was seen or shown in London, we have reached our destination … the real world!

Stefano Pilati has found a home at Ermenegildo Zegna and he hits the mark time after time at this fabled heritage brand. Here is a perfect example of how a relatively staid and somewhat boring brand has evolved into an international mega fashion brand while still retaining its genetics. Pilati offers up options! He gives us a range from the beautifully cut and crafted classics to fashion that reflects the times as well as the clothing budgets of those who can afford such luxury. There are no gimmicks here, no schtick, no schlock and most of all, no shock.

The mood ranges from decidedly relaxed and almost slouchy to a modern classic silhouette. It would not reflect well on me if it didn’t mention that Pilati owes a bit of debt to Armani and Gaultier but who cares? IMHO these clothes sing. These are ageless, timeless and classic with a twist; they are not boring but they are decidedly sophisticated, urbane and appealing to a wide spectrum of fashionable men.

Will the dyed in the wool Zegna customer wear the more fashion pieces? It is a distinct possibility that some of the more fashion styles will find their way into the closets of some professionals.  Even the most modern takes on a “leisure suit” are of great appeal. The athletic references are present but not taken to the extreme as we have seen of late. Again, no games here! Just straight up modern clothes for men.

One might think that “well there is no gender bending” which may cause one to think that these clothes are way off base if one follows the so called trends. Maybe not as much as one might think as there is the element of the glaring whites, some with a bit of sheerness and there are pieces that would easily appeal to the ladies as women’s choices in general leave out those who favor raffiné rather than trendy.

The bottom line is simply this... no, the collection will not set the fashion world ablaze but it shows us that there are designers and brands who understand that fashion is a business of selling clothes and that concept does not necessarily equate to boring.

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