Saturday, June 27, 2015

Berluti spring 2016

Alessandro Sartori could be aptly deemed a maestro of menswear or even a designer who holds a PhD in fashion. How absolutely refreshing to see a designer’s offering that reflects the facets of the brand which eh designs for and represents. How arcane that a brand actually has more than one point of view!

Berluti is a deft combination of trend mixed with traditional or possibly akin to a martini that is stirred and not shaken... if you catch my drift! There is over the top color there is subtlety there is the most traditional but there are NEVER trendoid absurd clothes that only function on a runway.

 The shapes and silhouettes represent the cross section of those who want and do wear a menswear label that is possibly one of the great brand extensions of the 21st century when it comes to fashion. One must be reminded that this was and still is a brand associated with shoes and now apparel. If there is credit to be given, it should be given to 2 people, one of which is the Antoine Arnault, yes an Arnault, and the designer of record … Alessandro Sartori.

Okay the spring 2016 collection is about color, variety of shapes and silhouettes and even a variety of pant lengths. Keep in mind please that you saw NO shorts here and yet it sure looked like spring to me! And lest we forget the feet! Trainers and shoes from a virtual pantone book of colors. The collection is the successful mix of trend and tradition directed by the skilled hand of this designer. Besides being a smorgasbord of color, this is a collection that offers something for everyone albeit not fashion victims.

Berluti is a brand of chic and style designed for men who want display their sartorial flair without looking like a freak of fashion and yet Berluti can be a collection designed for those who just like a more stylish take on traditional men’s clothing. The option is rare these days as most collections seem to designed for either shock value or are deadly boring and this is why Berluti stands with a select few who know who they design for rather than trying so hard as to render a costume party rather than a fashion presentation. One might even say that there is a confidence here that no matter what media attention it gets … the end result is the same... it sells!!

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