Saturday, June 6, 2015

Versace resort 2016

It is not often that seeing a collection renders me slack jawed and speechless and yet Versace for resort 2016 has done it ………. Again! Donatellamommamia is up to her old tricks or is that designing for old tricks?

So it is  a combination of Sprouse-ian 80s neons mixed with some 60’s on acid granny prints or are they Hedi Saint Laurent prints in day glo colors meshed with some hooker esthetic, accented with day-glo platform shoes and “Adidas” platform pool slides (very Chloe/Celine .. n’est-ce pas?)  which all yields a mess to behold. Yes, there are some great pieces but I emphasize “some” or maybe that should be reworded to state a few  ... well… maybe its 3 or 4. Yikes!!!

It is hard to comprehend how this supposed extrapolation of the Gianni’s esthetic can possibly be logical .. unless of course one is on some mind altering substance. So much of this looks cheap and trashy, not even slutty or uber-sexy but very working the corner kind of trashy while cracking gum. Mind you, it is not the coloration which is surely not a bad a thing but it is overall look and presentation. The models have this sort of Gia-eque look,  who might be about to OD or at best the day after looking a lot worse for the wear.  The looks present the conundrum of … do I call the fashion police or 911? The only saving grace is that the clothes appear to be beautifully made and executed so their faults are in design and styling.

Signora, when she goes the distance, she runs a 100k race. So over the top, so beaten to death with the sheer and athletic references and even though the logo pieces are done well, who cares at this point? What I’m feeling is that we know this collection has been good and even great under her tutelage but when it is this tired and hackneyed, it is, well … tragic in a way! Again, who wants to look this cheap for that much money?

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