Friday, June 19, 2015

Pucci ... Margiela .. resort 2016

Let’s speak of “what ifs and whys.” What if you saw these collections and were not told who they belonged to? What if reviewers were not given a press release? Why do brands obliterate rebrandings? Why do designers honestly believe the claptrap that falls out of their mouths?

Let’s follow up with a few more questions here: does anyone honestly believe that even the most skilled and astute of fashion writers could say that “this Pucci” has anything to do with the Dundas or Emilio Pucci of the past? Why is anyone excited about Margiela? Has JG lost his mojo? Does anyone even consider that fashion is actually a business of selling clothes to those who can afford them? The question that begs to be asked is simply “will anyone really buy these clothes?”

With all those questions asked, Pucci is up first here and if this is a reimagining  of the brand then let’s say it has moved right on to nightmare or possibly just a “me too!” To speak of the “genetics” of Emilio Pucci in the same breath and to offer a collection such as this is beyond absurd. My eyes and my powers of  intelligence tell me these are unappealing and possibly just plain ugly generic clothes that have the Emilio Pucci label attached. Someone would need to explain to me why you ( a company) spends years building up the brand which possessed this new sort of Euro trashy rock star sensibility (which is meant to be a compliment) and trade it in for a Gucci 2.0.  If the reason is that the clothes were too sexy and too over the top and they didn’t sell when Dundas held the reins … well, wait and see what happens now when these clothes collect dust on the racks!

As for his capsule collection created by “le pauvre” Galliano... well... what’s to say? What immediately comes to mind is “some things are better left unsaid!”... Or in this case shown! Having never been a fan of Margiela, I would never presume to think I know too much about the history and “genetics” of the brand but I do know when I see silly blah blah blah inspired clothes! Yeah, so there was a barely discernibly long haired boy wearing women’s clothes... so much for gender bending or cross dressing! My conundrum here is simply this... Has John Galliano gotten lost in the myth of the mysterious Margiela and given up his own identity? Why is there no reimagining here and is this just an extension of what was?  Where is Le grand Galliano? You know the one I mean... the one with vision, skills and design prowess? Did Renzo just hire him for brand hype? And if so what a waste! It looks to me as if the talent has been caged and restrained to the point of being who really cares who designed this stuff?

My condolences to Pucci and my wish would be that Galliano unleashes himself in the future!

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