Friday, September 23, 2016

Giorgio Armani spring 2017 milan

Here’s what I know: 

I know something is up when this man of the cloth shows a collection that is hyper feminine and filled with a preponderance of dresses and prints. Remember he was one of the earliest and most consistent proponents of androgyny and neutrals as wardrobe staples.
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I know he sticks to his Italian roots but using navy blue and all shades thereof as a base. After all for years and years that was the color of spring.

I know that all the pieces were not equally appealing or well-conceived and maybe even a bit tricked out but this is Armani and he has been known to stray every so often but you just have to forgive him his trespasses especially the bloomer like shorts.
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I know that despite what you see on the runway. There are clothes to wear and to satisfy the most diehard Armani customer. 
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 I am almost sure he will be less that favorably reviewed as after all he offers no Halloween costumes and no thrift store regurgitations. 
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I know that the mood of the collection is much more relaxed not as much tailoring and lots of flou and surely not a lot of day clothes. 
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I know this was far from my favorite Armani collection but by comparison to his so called peers this was a standout!

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