Tuesday, February 12, 2019

NYFW fall 2019 the good .. the bad ...and the ugly

There were some beauties and there were some you wish you could unsee… there were those that rendered you slack jawed and some that left you shaking your head. There are some that are actually painful to look at and some that soothe the eye. AS ALWAYS CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Sadly the former ruled rather than the latter and the media can’t talk its way around the truth as seeing is believing and words that defy the images are worthless tripe. So here is a cornucopia of looks from a lot of designers who are either new, well established or should never have shown at all.

This one is on you!! Your call! I am saddened by the lack luster season that has been presented thus far but if we lose our sense of humor then we can’t really continue….. Call it what it is! And not what the press release would like you to believe it is!

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  1. Fashion is dying, the lack of real culture of dressing, clothing, tailoring and textiles has definitely terminated the art of dapperness, the schools are in plethora but the competition is about annual fees and catastrophic teachers, too young, no knowledge and not professional at all. THE END of an era. I thank media and you, Jeffery for pics and wise comment. RM.F.