Friday, March 6, 2015

Christian Dior. by Raf Simons . pfw ..fall 2015

As a change of pace for this review, we will revert back to a format that has always been popular with my readers and that is as a letter to the designer. So without any further explanation, here we go….

Dear Raffie…. 

Just finished seeing the latest collection and what can I say... you did it again!! What on earth are you thinking to turn this amazingly legendary house and brand into some silly vapid contemporary dress collection, yes, yes I know you have all this esoteric inspiration and all these high minded reasons for what you did this but hell kiddo .. What a mess you made! It looks like Emma Peel, Biba and all of Carnaby Street wrapped up into one tidy package. 

The big problem is this Raffie... and that is there is such a thing as de trop and boy you maxed out big time. Yes, there are fine art inspirations and I’m sure even reasons for sexy school girl box pleats and car wash skirts but no matter what they may be but in the end the result is the same … the clothes are just fugly! Yes fugly! So, I really need to ask you if you have ever spoken to a woman or ever watched her buy shoes as to how many pairs of thigh high patents do you think will sell to anyone who might want to wear them. Everything you do is just complicated and so seemingly detached from the reality of the business like... duh... ya gotta sell this stuff or else you don’t get to flex your tongue and show  everyone how deep and introspective you are.

Well, it is amazing to me that Bernie hasn’t shown you the door yet but clearly he is a believer  in that there is no such thing as bad press as you generate a lot of ink but mostly of the negative variety. I stand corrected, not the blah blahs and the fawners who will regurgitate your deepest innermost thoughts and never speak of the clothes. When this party is over, you will be forgotten faster than those who can’t recall what they ate for lunch 2 days ago and with as much regret. Pauvre Raffie... the delusional world you live in!

Bisous to you and love to all … me!

PS ... what’s with the Nike swoosh, the fur dresses, the extremely high water pant lengths and all that “gathering” to one side??

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