Sunday, March 8, 2015

Céline by Phoebe Philo .. fall 2015.. pfw

Okay, so let’s see if this is clear... first you were the queen of clean... Spare... Spartan... unadorned... solid... slabs of  fabric in sort of a French version of the Row. Then moving right along after having found enough women who wish to look hidden in their clothes while wearing funny furry shoes, you graduated to some prints and all these fly away tabs and straps and more silly ewok shoes. Finally you reached your pinnacle when you decide that all that clean needs to be sullied by adding animal prints... zebra to be precise ... Some loosely woven distressed lace type fabric that looks like it is unraveling before your eyes and now instead of being all clean lines and edgy, your woman looks like she just got out of bed looks it... no pretense... no excuse. Have I got that right? Oh, did I mention you fell upon the “it” bag a few times so that more than made up the sales in clothing.

So now, we get the new dishabille Céline which sets itself apart from the Row by looking like you store your clothes in a pile which also sets you apart from the so called chic French version of Eileen Fisher!  Is that about right? OMG, I almost forgot there is inevitably some backstory and inspiration that will also distance you from your American counterparts ... how pedestrian of me to forget that! BTW can someone tell me where that “ripped off” sleeve is from.. I have seen it before ... more than once!

Now, let’s not overlook the shoulder harness and slapped on envelope flap pockets and those JPG inspired ribbed sweaters! Might I say all designed to enhance! Does it occur to anyone that even though these clothes are of the camouflage variety, one needs to be rather thin to wear them?

Here’s the deal, if this is what women want to look like and this is what passes for “new” fashion, well there is no climbing out of the abyss …even with a grappling hook. Or if this is fashion, what is Maison Margiela? Please discuss amongst yourselves and advise.

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