Friday, March 6, 2015

Lanvin by Alber Elbaz Paris fall 2015

The question that must be asked here is this... “Is there such a concept as too much of a good thing?”
The reason I ask this is that Alber Elbaz has surely employed the tassel and fringe as 2 of his major design flourishes for Fall 2015. What starts out as a nice touch suddenly becomes there are tassels and fringe on everything and everywhere which is certainly a bit over the top. It brings to mind that famous Chanel quote about... before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory ...well here he might have looked and removed a  few items not just one.

The collection bounces from pristine Lanvin where it is chic and slick and cosmopolitan to Boho/Berber/Bedouin, then back and then B-B-B again. Besides being confusing, it looks like Alber either can’t decide who his customer is or that he is trying to be all things to all women. For me, it is the sharper narrower silhouette that resonates when completed with the Beene leather one shoulder harness that exemplifies the Elbaz message at Lanvin… at least that’s the way his tenure started!

The opening set of exits seemed to be very matador inspired without being overdone and in keeping with the origins of the brand as per Elbaz and then the “devolvement” began. Suddenly he sends out all these odd pieces piled on mixed with these over decorated ones to achieve or end up with this folkloric kind of look which brought to mind... what she couldn’t wear she carried. Then we swing back to cosmopolitan chic and ended with dressy frumpy dresses which conjured some kind of thrift store chic. 

Where is the chic that was once Lanvin in the first few years before this odd mindset took hold? It is no wonder there are rumors of its sale and lagging quality.
Elbaz should surely know better to stick to his guns and carry on with a more singular vision for the brand as right now it is a souk of design and not all of it good.

PS.. note to Blah Blah .. if this is the best then I never want to see the worst

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