Saturday, March 7, 2015

Elie Saab fall Paris Collections 2015

Well, Elie Saab has always been a king of the red carpet and evening wear. His ready to wear is always a treat as it includes his day wear which is head and shoulders above what’s out there. Saab continues in the paths of the greats who actually dressed their clients for every time of day and for every occasion. There are few who have thought to continue this way but Saab shows his women he understands their lives and their needs.

This collection leans heavily on all occasions other than that call for formal or statement making gowns. This is the collection that shows off the talents of this designer and proves he is much more than just another sparking spectacular beaded gown. There are real day dresses and cocktail clothes. Don’t get me wrong these are not clothes suitable for trips to the market or walking the dog, but here is what full collections used to look like before they became anyone who could assemble 20 pieces would show what they call a collection.

Saab’s client is in shape and possesses a chic that allows her to wear clothes that are close to the body and speak volumes of her taste level and her life style. She is socially active and one might hypothesize very charitable if not corporately engaged. She has a need to be perceived as elegant and not just a housewife. This may not be the life of many women but for sure this is the woman who is attracted to Saab.

Personally, I adore his take on day dresses and suits along with how he handles real “dressy clothes”... not just gowns but more than just a simple jersey dress. In particular the black beaded coat ensemble and the non-beaded gowns and real honest to goodness cocktail dresses and dinner dresses. You may think I am old fashioned but in my heart I believe there are still lots of ladies who live this lifestyle and they all don’t want to live their lives in sweats, sleeveless neoprene dresses or scandal inducing clothes intended for 20 something’s.

Kudos to you Elie Saab... may you stay the course of fashion as you see it!

PS if I had to pick on something… I would say the shoes were a weak spot

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