Wednesday, March 4, 2015

International fashion & style; Lemaire PFW fall 2015

What wonderful way to begin this last chapter of Fall 2015. Lemaire reminds that simple and clean and precise is not boring when handled properly. What is also abundantly clear is that this collection can serve as an object lesson for so many i.e. the Row, Jil Sander and a few more.

There are no rich bag lady clothes here. The clothes are precise but easy, they have an edge yet they have a great softness to them. One must then believe that the deft hand that creates these clothes knows exactly who his client is and what she comes to them for clothes to wear every day. Yes, again, these are clothes for women who have a career of just women who enjoy a good life and no these are not picking up the kids from soccer or Taekwon-Do instruction but no one would notice if they were worn to do those chores.

These are unobtrusive clothes that send that silent scream/signal of refinement, high quality and even a certain amount of swagger. Yes. They are very Parisian  but wildly cosmopolitan for any big city gal and maybe just any women who wants to wear the best and look her best and not look like some wannabe 20 year old or some old lady in a her daughters clothes. These are ageless and timeless clothes that build a wardrobe and never go out of style.

Imagine if editors understood that this is what modern looks like and not Proenza Schouler than looks like some design school project or that crap that Rodarte turns out at stratospheric prices. This is what the Row could look like if they didn’t cast their customer as a rich bag lady or had the eye  and maybe the powers that be at Jil might take note that it is possible to design spartan clothes without crossing the line to silly. And no, I do not believe that this is the end all do all but I do know that this is one facet of fashion that is so poorly addressed so often  by those who are ill equipped to deliver a product that is this precise, this discerning and this ageless.

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