Sunday, March 8, 2015

Akris by Albert Kriemler pfw fall 2015

It is worth repeating that once upon a time Akris was a collection for ladies who had tea at Charleston Gardens and shopped at The Salon at Elizabeth Arden. Since Albert Kriemler has taken the reins of this brand he has transformed it to a temple of chic and consummate good taste!

Don’t get me wrong, it is not like there are no bumps in the road but when he strikes a note as he did with this collection, well, it is just pretty fabulous all around. Granted this is a minimalistic way of dressing but it still allows a woman to draw attention when entering a room or walking in the street. These are truly slick, modern and soigne. They are simply exquisite from an esthetic and technical point of view.

It is odd that what I am reminded of here is Zoran, google if you must, and possibly some Cardin but that is only because of the remarkable lack of embellishment or extravagant ornamentation. In other words, there are clothes that are about cut, fit, construction and quality and yes they silently scream rich! Mr. Kriemler has always been one to experiment with patterns and fabrics and with this season’s offering he has really hit his stride. His subtle use of patterns and embellishment are quite a feat of refinement and restraint yet when combined with the art and craft of fashion, there are few who compare.

The collection is one that possesses extreme edge and yet amazing softness. Again, these are not clothes for everyone and every occasion but these are surely clothes that cater to that small percentage of women who possess rarefied taste as well as a very healthy budget. No matter, as I would rather have any one of this collection matched up against any 5 pieces of Dior or any other mega brand.

PS .. You want modern …you want minimal ... You want that athletic inspiration embraced … well this is it

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