Monday, March 2, 2015

Dsquared² MFW Fall 2015

When the Catens aka Mickey and Judy,  put on a show it always me reminds me of those old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney musicals where one inevitably turns to the other and says “why don’t we put on a show” and so they do with a chorus of 50 extras singing and dancing, all fully costumed.

That’s how I see these shows as they really are just formulaic spectacles designed to entertain rather than promote anything else. One might postulate that ese  show are nothing more than PR events  to promote the brand rather than show a new collection. 

This season is about Eskimos and Indians and nomads and maybe even some AWOL period soldiers, banditos or some extras from the Road to Morocco or maybe 2000B.C.
So with all that base information, you can expect to see parkas and Indian blankets, serapes, trapper hats, military jackets and even some tights that look like full body henna tattoos. Put it all together and “Let’s put on a fashion show!” My bad here or what?

Oops and it almost slipped my mind to mention the trapper furs which still might have teeth marks from the steel traps and the trapper boots or maybe they are caveman boots with fur lashed onto them …. The purpose of such folly evades me as even if there is something to be seen here one needs to strip away the multitudinous layers of stuff that will camouflages it, I  doubt anyone needs a new jean or a new cargo pant that falls under the category of unwearable .. or for that matter dresses that look like the undergarments of a nickle a dance chorus girls from the local saloon.

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