Friday, June 17, 2016

The sad truths about fashion .... an editorial ..

To the terminally blinded fawners, blinded followers and to those who wish to ignore the facts of fashion life, these are FACTS!! Most chalk off my antipathy toward fashion writers and editors as bitchy or even bitter but HERE IS PROOF (by law) of what I have been preaching for years... read it and weep... WAKE THE FUCK UP and see through the bullshit that pervades an industry filled with propaganda rather than actual reportage.

Here a few excerpts and then READ THE FREAKIN ARTICLE!!!  

“Their true nature – the fact that brands are often foot the bill for an array of attendees – is almost never disclosed, and thus, such coverage serves to defraud consumers, particularly when coming from individuals and publications charged with providing objective or at least non-deceptive content.

One example: According to the FTC, “if [a] motion picture studio approached individuals outside [a movie] theater and offered them free tickets if they would review the movie afterwards” and the arrangement is not “clearly and conspicuously disclosed” in connection with the moviegoers’ reviews, their reviews will be deemed a violation of the FTC Act.

One more bit of rather damning insight from the FTC: “If incentives would materially affect the weight or credibility of [an endorser’s endorsements], they should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed, and the advertiser should take steps to ensure that these disclosures are being provided.”

According to the FTC’s guidelines, “Advertisements or promotional messages are deceptive if they convey to consumers expressly or by implication that they’re independent, impartial, or from a source other than the sponsoring advertiser – in other words, that they’re something other than ads”

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