Monday, June 13, 2016

walking with the muses .. Pat Cleveland

Pat Cleveland is a living legend of fashion who was the rarest of exotic birds to have inhabited fashion. She has withstood the test of time in a business that has a memory as long as one’s pinky. She remains inimitable and has written herself into the annals of fashion and its history in its glory days and beyond with the publication of her new book Walking with the Muses as well as with her body of work.

Any seasoned fashionphile knows that Pat Cleveland was a supermodel way before the term was even conceived of because she stood out from the pack even when the modus operandi of the times was to be unique. Anyone lucky enough to have seen her on a runway can testify to her ability to eat up the runway and pull you into the moment. In other words, there never was before her and never will be another like her  ... for the rest of the review please click on the link below

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