Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Balenciaga men's Spring 2017

Always Leave Them Laughing is a movie from 1949 where a young comic plays second-rate nightclubs and chintzy resorts in his struggle to break into the big time.  THINK ABOUT IT!!!  

The problem here is that from the first exit, anyone who has an iota of intelligence would burst out laughing from what they saw.

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Apparently the new Russian or Bulgarian or Vulgarian team to take on the reins of Balenciaga is the latest “zeitgeist” intent on committing brand suicide. Apparently they make disposable clothes at investment prices and want their customer ... if there is one stupid enough to buy this shit ... and turn them into cartoon characters or 2 dimensional placard wearing hawkers for the brand!

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And in a self-fulfilling prophecy, soon the media will award them and applaud them and reward them for nothing that they have done other than orchestrate a fraud, insult and an affront  fashion while feeding the hype and advertising machine….

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 Bravo to all concerned... think Lurch, Fred Munster, Freddie Kruger and Uncle Fester!!

If you like this... well, I can’t even go there... BTW the quality sucks and well the design quotient is not even grad school level, not to mention it is all retread shit from the 70s , 80s and better dig out your knee high platform boots for spring.. Aaaaaaah yes the clown train has arrived chez Paris!
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