Friday, September 11, 2015

Jason Wu.. Spring 2016 NYFW

Having been an off again on again fan of Jason Wu, this season’s offering surely brought a smile to my face albeit followed by some confusion.

The eyelash edged wool gauze in a teal green. white and jet black offered beautiful examples of how Wu can craft a beautiful dress without being boring. The watercolor chiffon was a welcome addition but again only for a brief moment or two, literally. The whites/pearl greys were certainly on target color wise and even had a few winners in the group especially a simple edged chemise. The standout segment was the coral whipped crème georgette grouping; perfect for the season and as the name implies light as feather to look at… too bad about the edges though!

What struck me odd is this panel front seaming as well as the horizontal which surely does nothing for the female figure nor does the raised waist which showed up more than once or twice. Then there were the short sleeves or was it a half sleeve but no matter which it was, it surely wasn’t flattering. Wu seemed to have gotten lost in the most familiar waters and that was with slick evening wear and tailored turnouts. To my eye, the most objectionable pieces were the 2 clunkers in leather which looked clumsy and out of place. So much of what one supposes were day clothes seemed to be where do you wear it and why would you wear it, unless of course you are Karlie Kloss. Lastly why that teal green color and why that brick color?

So the question is … thumbs up or down? In my opinion it is a glass half full scenario. Yes, some beautiful dresses, some exquisite fabrics and some welcomed designs that required no explanation but there was a lot of so so and not enough of what brought him into the limelight.

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