Monday, January 26, 2015

Dior haute Couture sp 2015

Here’s the rub; no clue where to start here! What can be said is “quel mess!” yes I know it is supposed to be haute couture but hell what just happened here? Yes, the collection was huge. Yes, there were couture flourishes but much more couture fabrication rather than techniques. WTF is rifRaf thinking here? Holy moley guacamole! As they say …

What was espied during this collection was homage to GWTW complete with hoop or bell skirts, homage to the 60s, homage to Cardin and Courreges, homage to Pucci, skiwear, Captain fantastic, piñata stripes and god only knows what else. Rarely can you see such oddly designed clothes other than in some design school project. Please note we are discussing design here! Really, huge keyhole front jumpers?? Clear plastic garbage bag rainwear?? Fully sequined onesies? More bare midriffs than a Cole of California swimsuit show? Now, can we discuss when it became acceptable for a renowned and fabled house such as this to present clothes that are improperly fitted? I mean muffin tops on almost anorexic models? How does this happen? Let alone a front center seam on a jumpsuit?

Yes the Dior DNA was present in some small measure but exactly how many times can you show the New Look silhouette before it gets tired and boring. Where is the bar? Where is the sexiness that comes from superbly crafted magnificent gowns with excruciatingly beautiful embroideries or an incredibly tailored tailleur? Please do not tell me of the NEW DNA that rifRaf is creating for all he creates is his own demented vision of what he thinks is representative of the brand. No doubt the fawners experienced multiple orgasms during the presentation but for no apparent reason that my eyes can see other than self-gratification.

Bottom line is simply that the Dior ateliers may have been working overtime but the results are less than stellar and it is not because of their abilities but because of the lack of design talent at the helm. He may try to blab blah blah himself out of it but the facts are clear ………… are you messing with my head here ????

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