Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hermès by Véronique Nichanian.. fall 2015 men's

There is something to be said about perseverance and singular vision. While we are on this tangent, let’s talk about consistency. Writing this has conjured a word that was used during my public school days and that word/ term was ”stick-to-it-tiveness” and yet all of these words so perfectly describe the breadth of work that Véronique Nichanian has turned out for the maison of Hermès. The brand has always and continues to be a benchmark for the definition of luxe since its inception and Ms. Nichanian has perpetuated that via her menswear for decades.

What must it be like to have a seemingly endless lexicon of stylistic and design flourishes? How must her mind operate that it can turn some of the most mundane and common articles of men’s clothing and translate them into the most coveted, lust worthy and admired of pieces? It is she who turns the sweatshirt into an object of desire by designing/conceiving the sweatshirt in crocodile or a tee shirt in that same material, a mechanic’s overall suddenly becomes wildly chic and that same sweatshirt in pinstripes of perforated leather.. It is she who took a Fair Isle sweater and translated it into an embroidery and emblazoned it on a leather pull over and outerwear pieces. No matter what comes down that runway, you can be sure of several things and they would be that the materials are the finest that money can buy, there is no trickery in these clothes, the design is only for those who want timeless, ageless and elegant clothes. Moreover these are the clothes that transcend trend and move far beyond the hype and drama that surrounds so many collections.

For some, this will all spell out B O R I N G, but IMHO, these are clothes for aficionados of fashion and not fashion victims, these are clothes that only scream to those who are fluent in this language and these are clothes that never ever age! If there was a pantheon of modern men’s fashion, Ms. Nichanian would reside at the top for she has crafted and kept her customer while continuously adding more of them with her singular vision by massaging the classics and evolving season after season.

PS the devil is in the details !!

Bravo! Bien Fait!

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