Monday, January 12, 2015

John Galliano returns .. Haute Couture Margiela

Okay before I offer my personal opinion here let it be said I was not breathless with anticipation of the event but I was extremely curious as to how Mr. Galliano would manifest himself under the brand of Margiela. That being said, here is a hopefully objective look at what is one of the most anticipated collections of the year.

From first glance, it is quite obvious that what we see is a combination of Galliano Dior, John Galliano, Martin Margiela and shades of things to come for the brand. Is the collections breath taking...? Well no not as far as I can tell. Is the collection pure luxe? Not so much! Is the collection an amazing show of what the ateliers are capable of? Well yes it was! …  And it is most definitely a look inside the mind of the designer.

Hoopla aside, there were even some wearable clothes or at least pieces that will be scooped up by the wild rich and fashionably voracious. Not really ever being a Margiela enthusiast, it is difficult for me to discuss house DNA or signatures but apparently Galliano falls back on his original eponymous collection and then some of what he did at Dior. To me, this is a test of his creative mettle and maybe a tease of what lies ahead for the ready to wear collection. This was to shock and jolt everyone to remember what he is capable of and what they have missed but will all this talent and creativity turn into clothes that go beyond the names and they hype?

In the end, personally, I am neither now awed nor overly impressed but my interest has once again been piqued!

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