Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Roberto Cavalli.. Ports 1961.. fall 2015 men's

Stufato Milanese fall 2015 Cavalli …. Ports1961 men’s

Roberto Cavalli is one of those collections that is paid attention to because the clothes demand attention and sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a more fashion victim kind of way. This season my attention has been caught for several reasons.

How I see this is simply that Cavalli does what Saint Laurent does and now Gucci hopes to do and that is capture the sexy rock n roll fashion that attracts the supposed youth of fashion. Here is the news flash and that is Cavalli does it better and with more polish than the other 2 brands. Hedi thinks he invented the 70s and the “who” at Gucci haven’t a clue to capture androgyny in a way that is palatable and stylish.

Cavalli has been beating this horse for ages and now it seems everyone wants to ride it too. Sometimes being too soon is as bad as being too late. Kering will find out that they can’t support 2 look alike same audience collections and it might have been far wiser to leave this rock star mentality/inspiration to Cavalli and to Hedi.

Ports 1961 is one of those collections that always intrigues me but usually fails to ignite a spark in me except that this season it started a fire under me. The color blocking is crisp and clean and the design flourish is brilliantly executed by incorporating it into shapes that are as understandable and as basic  as they can be. The result is quite simply a collection that looks fresh, ageless and most importantly... Timeless. The palette couldn’t be simpler but as far as I can tell, these are clothes that speak if not yell... Buy me!

The only drawback I saw is when the looks became a bit too “uniformy”… think tracksuit, bellboy or military but that was only because of how the looks were assembled and not because of the pieces that make up the turn out.

Once again it is refreshing to see a collection that is shy on trend and long on looks and appeal!

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