Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Giorgio Armani Fall 2015 for men

There are reasons that he is called the king or maybe the master of menswear as Giorgio Armani is at all times true to himself and his brand. Fall 2015 gives us Armani doing what he does best  and that is showing men how chic, stylish, timeless and ever so fashionable they can look by simply wearing a jacket and pants and maybe adding a scarf or a hat or a fabulous bag.

The collection is as expected jacket centric as he gives us blazers and short outerwear in so many varied manifestations. ME? Well I’m partial to his cardigan styles that he shows in blazer length and coat length. Then of course there is his riff on double breasted and the variety of silhouettes from the classic to the boxy to the abbreviated fit. The palette offers no surprise and if you are a fan then this will delight you no end. The patterning is limited but there are a couple of mutantly large buffalo checked jackets and a cardigan plaid coat that seemed to really race my motor.

Take note of the preponderance of wrapped necks and a very subtle fascination with the VEE whether it appeared in knits or necklines or closures. One of the many fascinating things about any Armani collection is how he does his pants which varies from slouchy to slim , pleated to non. He has been known to do some tricked out “bottoms” but much more so in ladies’ than men’s.

In the end, there is little to find fault with and little that will set the world on fire and cause the firestorm that Gucci has caused. One collection relies on sheer talent and the other on shock and absurdity to attract any kind of press it can get. Take your pick... Either you are a gentleman of great taste and style or you are a mystery gendered wannabe fashion victim.

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