Monday, January 26, 2015

Atelier Versace Sp 2015

And out comes that dead horse again!! Donatellamommamia has done it again and again and still again ... yeah we get it! You like tight, sexy, in your face, over the top clothes that are of questionable taste at best! My god girl can’t you give it a rest and try something … well … more tasteful and less show pony show girl hooker??

Well yeah we get it, tight, tighter, tightest and then there is seam splitting second skin, check, gottem all here. Soufflé you say and not the edible variety, well Signora has cornered the market on it sagging its way all the way thru the presentation. This all makes the Matisse cut outs show seem like true child’s play by comparison. In some alternate universe this reminded me of Tom Ford and Geoffrey Beene and Stella McCartney all riffing on the same theme and BTW let it go already and move on unless someone can improve upon what has already been assessed as golden.

Continuing right along, one might think there is a gypsy moment or two and worse than that is comparing it to or even thinking it bears any relation to a gypsy that would have been shown by YSL. Make no mistake these are the whirling dervish Soviet variety of gypsy who wear dyed to match jeweled suede boots, midriff baring bra tops and bejeweled circle skirts! Yikes! Facts are facts and they remain that Donatellamommamia channels her inner slut when she designs these collections... hahahahha... This collection, if that’s what it is, has so little for the real world off the red carpet unless of course you view these as supermarket clothes. These are clothes for attention and publicity whores who DEMAND to be noticed no matter what and at any cost.

The bottom line is simply that missy needs to ease up a bit or else her next progressive move will be translucent spandex jeweled body suits or just pasties and a G-string. C’mon girl, this is almost or maybe it is an insult to the term Haute Couture! Possibly it is a tour de force show for the ateliers and petit mains that are capable of realizing such mad fantasies despite the outcome.

PS... As the kick off for every Haute Couture season Signora always provokes discussion, dissention and diversion!!

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