Monday, January 19, 2015

Gucci men's fall 2015 .. the fashion disaster

OMG! OMG! OMG! If this is the future of the brand then it is time to just throw in the towel and quit! If this is supposed to be better than what was, well then it must be said that Gucci has lost all of its panache and luster if it still had any and will soon be circling the drain.

What on earth can a designer be thinking to focus and stock tie blouses, bolo tie necks, LACE! capes, fur collars, cropped sleeves, neck ruffles and droopy pants. If there ever was a fashion mess then this surely qualifies to be among them. This makes Frida look like Chanel, Vionnet or Madame Gres all wrapped into one! It is like someone raids granny’s closet and is playing dress up.

My inclination is to say the collection is asexual or possibly ambisexual  but that’s not right as this clearly leans heavily on the feminine rather than the metrosexual. My gut says to compare it to Versace but even Donatellamommamia showed with far greater polish than this catastrophe of fashion. With an archive such as Gucci, what is the point of this? I guess the use of the horse bit loafer is what gives this collection its identity as it surely isn’t the sandal they show for fall!!

Well if the powers at Kering were unhappy before, just wait till they see what this does for their reputation for their show pony brand. If the design team who designed this is from Frida’s reign, then it  is simple to see why she didn’t do better during her tenure. My suggestion is clean house, wipe the slate clean and start over because if this is what they do for men, my imagination cannot even venture to guess what will happen for the women!

PS for those of us who have a memory and some history this brings to mind the store.. Granny Takes a Trip  ... But literally!

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