Sunday, January 18, 2015

Salvatore Ferragamo designed by Massimiliano Giornetti fall 2015 men's

Massimiliano Giornetti once again shows us that he is indeed a master of the art of fashion. He is a designer who designs. He knows how to tweak the classics. He offers clothes for men who are men and wish to be chic, fashionable and timeless without all the bells and whistles that so many seem to think are necessary.

Salvatore Ferragamo for fall 2015 is all about lush exquisite clothes where accessories, layering and outerwear play leading roles. The scarves are not merely scarves or excuses for scarves, they are lush luxurious and covetable, they are meant to wrap, envelop and keep you warm as well as make a statement. some even have the most fabulous fringe, amazing patterning or toggle closures. The outerwear spans from the classic trenches to a toggle pull over to the rarely seen mouton jackets. Yes of course this would be Ferragamo if there weren’t spectacular shearlings and leather jackets.

Giornetti may have created a new fashion camouflage with his densely printed flora as well as giving new meaning to “duck dynasty” or it geese? Whatever, the flourishes are tastefully rendered and never interfere or detract from the clothes themselves. There was also an amazing double faced coat that appeared to have knitted shell with a woven inner facing that won me over big time not to mention the engorged buffalo checks. Giornetti’s fascination with fabric and textures is so clearly evidenced in this collection. It is refreshing if not rare these days for a young designer to have such a firm grasp on who his client really is and not only who he wants it to be. This is not to say that he only caters to his present “fan base”.... there will be new followers as not everyone wants tights, dropped crotch pants  and clothes designed  for Peewee Herman!

Bottom line... classic not boring fashionable without being trendy and true investment clothes for men of all ages... and if we graded like they did on American Bandstand  I would give it a 9out of 10 ! ..Easy to wear... Easy to understand... no explanation needed and highly appealing!

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