Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bottega Veneta . Tomas Maier .. fall 2015 men's

There are designers who design and designers who talk about designing but never quite reach their destination. Tomas Maier, like him or not, is a designer who designs. He is a man who presents his collections and allows the clothes to speak for themselves and this Fall for Bottega Veneta Men’s is no different. For me it is a love hate thing but I can always appreciate what he does on some level.

This season, the usual somber or restrained palette has been replaced with a riot of color that will send shivers up the spine of so many. No, the collection is not kaleidoscopic but there are moments of relief from the usual classical and more sedate colorations, the bright suedes, corduroys and cashmeres are simply delicious and ever so inviting. The combinations offer a respite as well as a high point in the breadth of collections that have been shown so far in Milan. No question that there seems to be a more relaxed take for the season but Maier uses the athletic  references and combines them with classic shapes and yields clothes that look so comfortable and so bohemian and yet classic  that they could be very hard to resist for many.

Somehow in this dishabille look there is a chic to it even if one might see slouchy and loose and even droopy and a bit of an unmade bed in some cases. Karl said that wearing sweat pants is akin to giving up ... well... I give up! I could easily surrender to Maier’s vision for fall as will so many. Please don’t think that there aren’t plenty of classics in the collection that appeal to a far broader spectrum of BV clients than the louder and more extreme pieces. Bottega remains modern and classic at it is core and all of it rendered in exquisite quality and in the lushest fabrications.

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