Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture spring 2015

Okay so let me say this now... thrilled that Jen Paul Gaultier gave u the grind of ready to wear and focused on the Haute Couture. Of course no doubt, this collection will be “reviewed” as if it is ready to wear but such is the wont of an ignorant press. RifRaf, you listening here!! Blah blah you too?

When designers write and develop their own DNA for their eponymous brands and remain loyal to it, they are able to render collections that remain timeless and chock full of clothes that delight their clients. No better place to do this tan in Haute Couture as it must again be stated that these shows are for customers of the retail buying variety and NOT the so called retailers hence they should be judged accordingly.

JPG clients will be throwing themselves at him this season to own another piece or 2 or 3, if they are lucky, as the collection was rife with the trademarks of the “enfant terrible.” Exquisite and precise tailoring, loads of jackets, plenty of his ½ and ½ styles, an incredible iridescent taffeta trench, a wildly imaginative take of jeans and much more! Unfortunately, there was no leopard but as a consolation prize, if you consider winning the couture lotter as a consolation, he gave us python… and enough it to make his ladies squirm with delight as it was incredibly beautiful.

Being the naughty boy he is, the show had multiple finales, multiple brides, a tease of his some of his famous mannequins of the past and a health y does of fashion irreverence. My favorite aspect of his couture shows is that the clothes have e a certain chic to them while still retaining his inimitable DNA as well as infusing his humor during these oh so serious shows. The ways in which he coaxed python and python prints is worthy of being referred to as masterful by exceeding one’s imagination and expectations! Got that rifRaf?

So the take away here, Bravo JPG!  Keep ‘em coming!

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