Sunday, January 11, 2015

Men's fall 2015 collections London

Barely 2 weeks into the New Year and the 2015 version of the fashion circus has begun. Within days we will be immersed in coverage of the men’s collections in London, the Haute Couture starting with the comeback collection of John Galliano tomorrow and the forever season of pre-fall that stretches from December till February.

Today’s the focus is London and its men’s collections which can only be described as everything from the sublime to the ridiculous and possibly even the theatre of the absurd. London has always or was always considered to be the laboratory of fashion especially demonstrated by young designers who were and are honing their design chops. Unfortunately so much of the men’s collections are designed by “mad scientists” rather than up and coming designers. One gets the distinct impression that many of these collections are designed for shock value, press attention and can you top this! The least important component of their MO is selling or commercial value apparently.

Even if we are barely into it at this stage, the astute or trained eye can see that if possible, there are a lot of treasures to found within the over the top theatrics and fashion games that are progressing at a break neck pace. It is literally a deluge of fashion... can’t really say what kind of fashion or who wants it but hell there are piles and piles of clothes that are offered with enough appeal to satisfy every fashionphile and fashion victim around the world.

For me, it is sensory overload to the point of visual obesity or gluttony. It is easier to isolate and speak of just a few collections rather than ALL. There is no way that ALL collections can be put in proper context nor explained with any skill. These eyes have already been witness to fashion that is indescribable as well as fashion that speaks to the season and customer. It is easier for me to select a few collections thus far that offer looks from the most commercial to the most over the top. Let’s talk Coach, Hardy Amies, Sibling, J.W. Anderson, and Agi & Sam; there is enough fashion, both good and ghastly, to fill a stadium full of fashion folk. The point is that no matter how insane some of these clothes might be, if you have the time and inclination, there are so amazing treasures to be found but can you or will you?

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