Monday, January 19, 2015

ETRO fall 2015 men's

Make no mistake that Etro is an acquired taste. Make no mistake that Etro is for the sophisticated man who wants trend and still wants to be an individual and yes still look like a man. Etro is for the fashion educated, the fashion savvy and the fashion self-assured. This is not a collection that can be confused with boys dressing like girls or men trying to look like boys. This is a grown up, luxurious and most of all deeply rooted in the DNA that is all Etro.

From the incredible pattern mixes to the lush fabrications and to the patterns themselves, this is all Etro through and through. While the designs might be a bit extreme at times, the collection is brimming with some of the most amazing pieces that have been shown this season. The palette is pure fall and pure Etro. Id it necessary to remind everyone that Etro was first a textile and scarf resource way before it was ever a fashion brand? The damask velvets are sublime as is the tiger chenille and the amazing array of prints and tweeds.

My biggest gripes are with the excessive use of 4 flapped pockets, the slightly dropped crotch pants and the extremely narrow legged pants but as a whole this is the kind of collection that speaks to me. This is design to boast the DNA of a brand use the vocabulary of that brand to demonstrate to anyone and everyone who and what this brand is all about!

Give me this Etro collection next to 100 Prada’s or 1000 Saint Laurent’s.  All wildly expensive but only one of the 3 is timeless and effortless.  That is fashion at its shining moment!

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