Saturday, January 24, 2015

fall 2015 Givenchy men's by Ricardo Tisci

OMG!! A “sounder of swine” has just flown by my window or in other words the pigs are flying!!

A rare if not first occurrence has happened at the house that Tisci reinvented. A brand what was the ultimate in chic and tasteful that went to the ghetto and the locker room has suddenly re-emerged as... OMG ... dare I say it ... wearable/salable clothes that are not aimed at urban youth, high schooler or the gender confused. For extra emphasis let me say there is a certain chic about this collection... be still my heart!!

Make no mistake the theatrics are all in place but my eyes move to the clothes and not the peripheral crap that distracts from what the main purpose of the event. The purpose is to show CLOTHES that will sell in stores for fall 2015. My bad???  Now, if you removed the ribbed button front knit skirt that appears in almost every exit, there are amazing clothes, amazingly beautiful and understandable albeit I can’t exactly say utilitarian. The layering might be a tad excessive but if there was ever a collection that dictates dissection, this is it. There is no question that the over the top styling hides and detracts from the treasures here such as incredible jackets and even some denim. Personally the kilims are spectacular, the pinstripes are not exactly of the hedge fund variety but nonetheless tempting and the taped edge school boy blazers and coats rank right up!

The degrade Kilims were works of art as were the fully encrusted Kilim coats and all of brought to mind that Tisci was the man to revive Gucci and not a fledgling. Anyway, my question is simply ... Will Tisci continue on this path or will he revert back to birds of paradise and Rottweiler’s? It would be sad if this was a one off collection that just teases us with the man’s talent.

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