Monday, January 13, 2014

Fall 2014 men's .. ETRO

In the land of Etro, EVERYTHING has a pattern, and I do mean EVERYTHING!

What is consistent is that Etro has and will always be an acquired taste. This collection exhibits some of the inherent Italian dandy qualities and sartorial flair that is often associated with its aficionados as well as the unquestionable workmanship, quality of fabric and vision of the brand known as Etro.

My gripe besides the extreme matchy matchy,  that is alien to  Etro  as rule,  is that the pant silhouette, which borders on tights,  frankly detracts from the overall presentation. This really takes a narrow more close to the body silhouette and brings it to a new level of interpretation.

Kudos for the amazing casting which will probably rank right up there with that of Giorgio Armani and also for the sense of humor which is shown off to great affect during the made to measure segment of the show.

As always one must keep in mind that Etro is a brand based on fabrication and part of its DNA is the cacophony of patterns and colors that is shown season after season  for both men and women. For this reason or reasons the collections will always have an extremely narrow appeal about what one cannot ignore is the hubris and power that each collection shows.

The take away here is that the show needed some variety or respite for the extreme coordination of patterns and color and a break in shapes might have also helped.

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