Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2014

Since my reviews are based on observation, opinion and knowledge, this article addresses the haute Couture collection for Spring 2014 on its own merit with no outside “inspirations” or press fed morsels to substantiate or explain the clothes. The clothes get to speak solely on what can be seen not explained.

With all that being said let it also be stated that in no way can anyone with any smarts, when it comes to fashion, find any fault with the impeccable execution of these clothes. The finish, the fabrics and any type of embellishments are with very little equal ... in other words quite superb!

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli need to ditch a few things and the sooner the better. Time for the center parted slicked hair to go, the almost no make-up look and it is definitely time to add an accessory or 2 … like maybe earrings and a necklace... something!!! Next up is this overriding monastic, Medieval, funereal  and just dreary mood caused by the drab palette, the robe like or even cloak like silhouettes, and the expressionless face of the models. Why waste all these staggering embellishments on these maudlin colors and shapes. While on the subject of shapes, can we ask they there is such an overlap of styles from ready to wear to couture? Can we ask how you go from solid totally covered up in almost nun like attire to an almost naked transparent and naked tulle confection?

Particular to this collection, is this African, tribal, ethnic or Lion King references which seems odd for sure especially when incorporated into clothes that cost in the 10s of thousands of dollars. There is also a proliferation of caftan looks which is somewhat perplexing given their costs. A highlight of the collection was the leopard gown, which is just exquisite. The what must be explained is  the other fringed pieces in that group as well as the “wild life” inspired dresses. Are we looking at supposed day clothes, which were certainly lacking, or were we looking at Joseph’s dream coats done in monotone?

The designing duo has surely carved a name for themselves but alas they might be better served to wake up and quit listening to those who have been whispering in their ears since the start. Let’s see some vibrant exciting clothes instead of clothes that inspire dirges religious rites! Let’s see some color and now that it comes to mind THESE CLOTHES ARE SUPPOSEDLY SPRING!!!!!!! The question is where?

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