Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pre Haute Couture .. meet Michel Heurtault .. Parasolerie

The time is quickly approaching one of the highlights of the fashion calendar and that is one of two yearly events ... the Haute Couture. Within days, the Spring 2014 couture collections will be shown. Most of us focus on the clothes at this time but for me it is all about the ateliers and the specialty workrooms that help to create the amazing world of the Haute Couture.

There are plumieres, beaders, milliners, pleaters, embroiderers, gantiers, shoe shops, passementerie makers, handbag makers and even a shop well known for bespoke umbrellas or parasols. When I say well known, it is well known to those who live in the rarefied world of couture or to those who have turned their wardrobes into their own personal collections reflecting their sartorial splendor.

The gentleman who is the subject of today’s post it is Michel Heurtault and his shop Heurtault Parsolerie located in Paris. It is not much of a stretch of the imagination to know that Monsieur Heurtault trained as a maker of custom corsets or corsetier. Think about the boning, the infrastructure of a corset and the relation to the inner framework of what it takes to build an umbrella/parasol. In less than 5 years he has become THE go to resource for the impeccably turned out as well as for the highest level of designers.

He is a member of Grands Ateliers de France whose membership is comprised of the most elite of artisans who practice manufacturing utilizing specialized age old techniques. Parasolerie Heurtaullt turns out ready-made items as well as custom pieces using these somewhat arcane and esoteric methods. The product and production are rarely found outside this amazing culture and aspect of fashion. Many of these “artists” and their shops are engaged by “the trade” but if you are lucky enough and savvy enough, you too can visit their shops/workrooms and partake in these amazing products and services.

The range of material and Monsieur Heurtault’s product is jaw dropping and reminds us that in the world of such design that all techniques and materials are employed to achieve an end result, thusly there are no limitations. Most of us tend to think of umbrellas as a utility item rather than an implement of fashion or style item but one look at the breadth of Monsieur Heurtault’s work and you will quickly realize that these pieces are in fact works of art  to be treasured and used only by the most discerning of clients.

Please visit the site and find the hidden treasure that is the World of Michel Heurtault... or possibly you will be able to visit the shop

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