Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meet ....Alexis Mabille

With literally hours to go before the Haute Couture begins its moment in the fashion spotlight, the last in my week’s pre couture series is Alexis Mabille. In case you are not aware of this young virtuoso, then these next few minutes will prove very enlightening.
portrait by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Monsieur Mabille surpasses the moniker of triple threat as he is a designer of Haute Couture, of womenswear, of menswear and also is a retailer. He is also one of youngest of the designers to inhabit the world of Haute Couture. From the very first time, I saw his collections; I was immediately fascinated and swept into his body of work. In case you can’t figure it out, Mabille has a preoccupation with a “bow!” I am a sucker for a great bow ever since I can recall them at Yves St Laurent and Valentino or any collection where they play a prominent facet of a collection.
                                                         art by Gladys Perint Palmer

Monsieur Mabille displays a mixture of old world refinement, raffine, soigne and present day ideas of how one dresses with every collection.  For me it is his influences that attract me and the staggering results that they yield. Make no mistake that each segment of his work has a clear outlook and vision; it is no mistake that the haute Couture skews a bit more mature and with much grander gestures while the ready to wear collections for both men and women are younger and more adventurous in spirit. Very few designers have the means, the talents and opportunity to expose so many facets of fashion talent within their body of work.


Before I get carried away with personal praise and observation... Please meet Alexis Mabille… (Please note that very little has been corrected to conform to perfect English with the intention of retaining all the charm and integrity of his replies)


1-What is the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?

My 18th century fabric fur coat hoodie

2-What is your most sterling trait and what trait do you treasure most in your friendships?

My sterling trait is my loyalty and it is the same thing I treasure in my friendship

3-What is your bliss?

My cat Papillon

4-What is your guilty secret?


5-Where is your ideal home?

In Paris

6-If you could not be a designer/retailer/etc.: what would you be

I would be an event planner

7-What is on your bedside table right now?

A crystal glass of water

8-What do you wear to bed?


9-What if any, book are you reading now or last read?

Leslie Caron Memories

10-What’s your advice to the “newcomer?”

Just do it!

11-Who or what is your inspiration/style icon?

Katherine Hepburn

12-What is the best advice you ever received?

To follow my ideas

13-In 3 words or less, describe the current state of fashion.




14-If you were a retailer, would you wear your own designs or shop in your own store?

Yes I do it everyday

 or where would you shop?

I shop in all Paris, in cute multibrand shops or more famous ones but I am open to all what I see

15-If you won a $200,000,000 power ball (lottery), what is the first thing you would buy or do?

I d buy a hotel particulier in Paris

16-If you could invite up to 4 people for dinner, who would they be…dead or alive?

Dita von Teese, Cleopatre, James Dean and Jesus Christ

17-What is your favorite movie /or movie star?

Gone in the wind

18-What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

My size

19-Whose opinion do you value most and why?

My mother one she is the most honest person

20-What store or which designer do you most like to shop in or wear?

I love to shop at astier de villate for tableware

I love to shop in the porte de vanves flea market

And actually for men I love a new label “cuisse de grenouille”

21-What’s your take on magazines, books versus the internet?

I love paper magazines, I love the materiality of it... same for books that I keep forever... with the net I am more in the fast information

22-Do you have a dream collaborator?

Yes to have a second me to sometime do little breaks

23-What is your crowning achievement thus far in your career?

To actually have my own company and to see peoples wearing my clothes in the street

24-What’s your music library like?

Like an iPod, full of show compilations so every eclectic done by mr X my sound designer

25-What and where is your favorite meal?

Actually some kamcha crab at Kaspia

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