Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zuhair Murad Spring Haute Couture 2014

This is a collection of which I know little about but I always watch season after season. For Spring 2014. Mr. Murad seems to have moved far past the peek a boo looks popularized by J Lo in his gowns and stage outfits. With this collection, I can sense that he has grown up so to speak or even matured, so to speak!

Without question, there is flawless execution and embellishments which are not used sparingly and yet the clothes appear to be NOT over done! Don’t get me wrong I am not about to compare these clothes to the minimalism of Jil Sander but the embroideries are integral to the designs rather than just added, if you catch my drift. If my memory serves me, there is a larger variety of silhouettes and necklines as well varying degrees of sexiness. The femininity factor is always full on! What jars my eye the most if that below the knee length which always seems to detract the proportion and beauty of those specific styles; again that is me! On the plus side are the few crepe pieces and separated which meld so well into the collection as whole and really there should have been some more of that to balance out all the embellished pieces.

Okay, stunners were the white tuxedo dress, not new but nonetheless exquisitely done, the black lace pants suit or 2 piece, a citrusy yellow draped satin number which revealed a tulle and hyacinth colored embroidery, the off the shoulder pieces and an aqua georgette with feathers. Oh yes and the zebra number too but the fact is there were no losers here which is surely saying a lot considering what we have seen in the past 3 days.

I am sure the genius regurgitators will not find this as modern as Dior or as wonderful as Schiaparelli but I’ll take this hands down when it comes to the heading of Haute Couture!

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