Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meet Jeffrey Banks ..

Here’s a quick primer on why Jeffrey Banks is a presence in the fashion world: studied at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, graduated from Parsons School of Design, New York. Career:  Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein,  Nik Nik, Merona Sport, launched own menswear company, 1980;. Awards: Coty Award, "Earnie" award for boyswear, Cutty Sark award, 1987

Again, one’s resume or breadth of fashion experience/knowledge must span longer than a year or 2 but for those of us who are truly fashionably educated, we know why Jeffrey Banks is one of American fashion’s more discreet treasures. He has worked for and been the behind the scenes of some of the most revered marquee and iconic brands of the 20th century. In more recent times he has turned his knowledge and passions into authorship and a curatorial gig at HSN which is a very inclusive vision of what it means to be part of Jeffrey Banks’ world of fashion.

I am proud to say that Mr. Banks’ and I  have crossed paths many times during both of our  careers and it is always a pleasure to become reacquainted with a one of the rarities of what we call the world of fashion; after all he is always a gentleman and always gracious.
So, if you have never met him then this will hopefully enlighten you and for those of us who know him, maybe you will learn something of him that you never knew!

1-What is the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?
My red hand knit multi-breed dog sweater. It's a sample we never made

2-What is your most sterling trait and what trait do you treasure most in your friendships? 

3-What is your bliss? 
A great massage just before going to sleep.

4-What is your guilty secret? 
I am obsessive about The Lord of the Rings trilogy films.

5-Where is your ideal home? 
In Manhattan or Mayfair in London.

6-If you could not be a designer/retailer/etc:, what would you be.
An Art Director

7-What is on your bedside table right now?  
A crystal water carafe.

8-What do you wear to bed? 
Flannel pajama bottoms or nothing.

9-What, if any, book are you reading now or last read? 
The Eye Has to Travel

10-What’s your advice to the “newcomer?” 
Take business courses or work for someone a while to learn the business side of Fashion

11-Who or what is your inspiration/style icon? 

12-What is the best advice you ever received? 
Always hire people that are smarter and better than you.

13-In 3 words or less, describe the current state of fashion. 
Less than inspired.

14-If you were a retailer, would you wear your own designs or shop in your own store ? or where would you shop? 
I always have a lovely shopping experience at Ralph Lauren  on Madison Avenue

15-If you won a $200,000,000 power ball (lottery), what is the first thing you would buy or do? 
Give money to the Ali Forney Center, Publicolor and The Hetrick Martin Institute 
16-If you could invite up to 4 people for dinner, who would they be…dead or alive? 
Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Richard Avedon and Truman Capote

17-What is your favorite movie /or movie star?
Funny Face

18-What is the one thing you would change about yourself? 
I'd like to be 6'3"

19-Whose opinion do you value most and why? 
Stan Herman because he is always honest .

20-What store or which designer do you most like to shop in or wear ? 
Ralph Lauren

21-What’s your take on magazines, books versus the internet? 
I love books and magazines, more than ever.

22-Do you have a dream collaborator? 
Piero Tosi

23-What is your crowning achievement thus far in your career? 
There are far to many to just name one !

24-What’s your music library like?
Extensive with lots of Musicals, Film Soundtracks, and Barbra Streisand.

25-What and where is your favorite meal? 
My Mother's Meatloaf !

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