Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pre-fall 2014 .. Balenciaga

For every yin there is a yang and so for every triumph there is a failure so in keeping with that theme for every Ralph Lauren there is a Balenciaga.

Alexander Wang started off propitiously enough and now he surely has shown his true colors as this collection bears as little visual reference to the master as possible and not even in some demented extrapolated way either. What we have here is some more blah blah blah and now we add techno babble about fabrics to the equation and it all adds up to same … disappointment!!

What we see is beautifully rendered clothes that are hardly worth the label they bear. No one can convince me that a blazer with toggle closures or a toggle coat, no matter how exquisitely made, and should carry the label Balenciaga. If anything, the brand looks suspiciously Ghesquiere-ish and if not that then, the Alexander Wang imprimatur has now unloaded itself onto the name. The end game here is over worked, over explained, over flanged, over imagined and over fabricated clothes for the contemporary customer and maybe a few editors. Good luck with that Monsieur Pinault!

Maybe the proper description would be the collection is generically gimmicky and esoteric as to fit with the modus operandi of designers who place verbiage ahead of product! Has the die now been cast?

We are once again reminded that it is the clothes that speak the loudest and not all the inspirations and intellectual imaginings or ramblings.

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