Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture Sprig 2014

Elie Saab is a man with a mission and the mission is clearly that he makes clothes that glorify women and make them feel and look beautiful. Unlike the current trend of “ugly is the new beautiful,” Mr. Saab adheres to the more “old fashioned” SOP in that he wants women to be beautifully dressed. My opinion is simply “I AM WITH HIM!”

There are draped georgettes and chiffon and wildly extravagantly embellished gowns that take of the form of everything from goddess silhouettes to “Dior” new looks. The best part is that one is more beautifully rendered and executed than the next. The man clearly understands women and clearly listens to his ladies ……. How refreshing!

There are no losers in the lineup; it is just a question of which do you like or love more. For me the most amazing pieces were of the sort degrade/ombre segment towards the end... astounding!! These are clothes that simply MUST be judged on the basis of workmanship as well as design. Mr. Saab is just an amazingly creative designer who understands what the ateliers are for and what they are capable of and that is just another refreshing aspect of his collection.

The pundits may say he is “old fashion” couture and I say if you are stupid enough to even think it let alone say it then you have no idea why this much abbreviated season is called Haute Couture! Yes, I said it and I will repeat if necessary because what will the so called authorities talk about if they aren’t handed “inspirations” and venue? Imagine they might have to expound upon the CLOTHES!

Rant over!! Merci Mr. Saab... Keep it coming!

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