Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Alexandre Vauthier Spring Haute Couture 2014

Alexandre Vauthier does not design clothes for the faint of heart, the elderly or the wasp set of Greenwich. He is his own man with his own vision and he delivers collections with his eye on the target and Spring Haute Couture 2014 is no exception. As for who buys this, I can’t venture a guess but I know she has a rockin kick ass body and if nothing else she is surely young at heart if not by birth!

Without being insulting or taking anything away from him, Donatellamommamia could surely take a few lessons from this man about how to design a collection that holds together with one point of view and consistency. What I can see is that the man is a master tailor, a superb dressmakers and has a boundless and tireless imagination and the clothes are in your face and hotter than hell.

The ateliers that he utilizes are skilled beyond ones wildest imaginations as the end results are staggering in execution. It is very rare to see work like this anywhere. I hesitate to call Vauthier a “modern” couturier as Mr. Simons has ruined that moniker for everyone who might be, but I think that I can apply what McQueen once said and that was you need to learn the rules before you can break them. Case in point ... the leathers!

Haute Couture was always adventurous and grand, theatrical and costumey and most of all usually over the top. It continues to show off the ne plus ultra of the fashion business by parading out clothes that are made “under a microscope” and demonstrate that yes fashion can be art!

I tip my hat to Alexandre and hope that he is not cowed by critics who can’t see what is in front of them and because he is not part of some huge fashion machine. Rock em sock em knock em dead AV!

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