Wednesday, January 8, 2014

pre-fall 2014 .. THE ROW

There is not much that one can say about a stark collection like this other than it looks very comfortable and it is made from the most luxurious and costly fabrics. To say it is simple is a vast understatement much like the clothes themselves; even minimalist might be a misnomer.

There might be an argument made for the simplicity and the comfort factor but what is so puzzling is why the twins seem to get so much play when there are other collections that might be considered kissing cousins to The ROW. Two that come to mind are Eileen Fischer which would make the girls curdle at the thought and the other is Zoran who took those simple easy shapes and translated them into sheer comfort and ease. As far as the latter goes, The Row looks like Christian Lacroix by comparison if you catch my drift and if you don’t...your loss!

What can be gleaned here is this, if these clothes really retail, in other words sell, which I know is being a kill joy, this tells me that there is a severe shortage of clothes that can be worn by real women of means or just that aspirational customer who wants a slice of luxury without all the bells and whistles. There are only so many 20 and 30 something to go around and only so many boomers who can wear party dresses and stilettos all day, every day. This last thought is surely seen in who was chosen to “model” the new collection. These are ladies who are exhibited are what might be perceived as suburban or city women who have raised their kids and now are no longer mothers on a full time basis. 

If you really want to stretch this to the limit, you can simply say that these clothes are the J CREW collection for the very very rich and upwardly mobile and maybe... just maybe... the aspiring wasp princess! And in further thought, Maybe somewhat perverse ... the clothes for some tight assed suburban matron with a tainted past!

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