Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Armani Prive haute couture Spring 2014 Giorgio Armani

From what I have already read, the so called inspiration for the collection is the late muse and fashion icon Lou Lou de la Falaise which may or may not be meant literally. If your memory serves you, Lou Lou was a free spirit with scarves tied around her head and jewelry piled on and maybe an off the shoulder top paired with a tiered or ruffled skirt. Mr. Armani has clearly taken poetic license here and added his Moorish, Moroccan influences (Marrakesh/YSL?) to come up with one of his very typically polished and insanely precise presentations. Would you say the sheer tops are a YSL flourish as well??

For me, actually the inspiration may be of interest but certainly doesn’t mean much as the clothes need to speak for themselves. Here at Armani Prive, the clothes scream loudly of the Armani vision of glamour and his particular esthetic of fashion and that is everything is very neatly and orderly in its place; there Is nothing haphazard here, nothing to make you think of “ oh let me throw this on too!”

The collection is certainly  with a jacket base, whether cropped or of usual proportions, the color scheme is Armani’s black which is navy blue, the delicacy and almost ethereal quality of the clothes is amazing and of course it all adds up to a chic that is decidedly Armani in its over the top understated way ..If you catch my drift!

As this is haute couture, the embellishments and luxe factor are amped up to the hilt and he does it in a way that is never garish and always in good taste. Pants, skirts, head wraps, clutch bags, a simple sandal and clothes that reek of money which provide the orders of the day. As is his wont, the ladies of Armani wear lace, organza and gazar when they find it suitable and they want their special brand of dazzle or “pizazz” if you will, in a way that attracts admiration and does not engender criticism. Some of the couture elements such as one particular shawl are of course breathtaking in their audacity.

Here, the bottom line is that there are red carpet clothes  that will surely be seen soon enough at the academy awards and there are clothes here for women of great refinement. He produces clothes for women who “get it” and by it  … I mean his ideal of chic and glamour which surely runs on its own path in the world of fashion.

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