Thursday, February 27, 2014

Balmain .. Paris Collections Fall 2014

Let’s be very clear here about my feelings on this collection; if one takes it as face value meaning as it was shown, the only sane reaction is WTF are you thinking? BUT if one takes a moment or 2 to digest what was shown, the only sane reaction is OMG it was incredible!

On the face to say that the collection is de trop is one of grossest understatements one can make but as has been said “holy crap on a cracker!” the incredible and almost inconceivable workmanship is the real start here but it cannot be ignored that Olivier Rousteing is a designer who designs. The fall collection is most definitely an extension of the pre fall collection and that alone makes him almost a genius considering that most consider it as 2 distinct seasons with 2 very distinct collections... duh!!! Pre-fall and fall!!!!

Besides all the over the top put togethers and combinations and unimaginable craft that has gone into these pieces, there is at heart a designer who needs to be harnessed to realize the full potential of his talents. He is unquestionably a young man who has a future if he can evolve and at some point restrain himself. Yes, some of the “outfits” are over layered and over worked but the beauty is in the dissection and not the total picture.

He is a master with leathers and shows amazing promise in “regular” cut and sew but his shining moment is the ability to conceive of the combinations that it requires creating a single style. Rarely can I say with any conviction that clothes command the price they sell for but here is the exceptions... you indeed get what you pay for!

Take a good long look at what talent looks like …..

PS ..below the knee doesn’t cut it here and the sensory  overload is almost overwhelming

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