Monday, February 10, 2014

Fall 2014 .. New York Collections .. Georgine

Every season I am lucky enough to be invited to many designer presentations. Every season I am excited to be invited to those who are making their freshman or sophomore outings in the world of fashion. Last evening, at the Georgine fall 2014, my attendance was rewarded with a collection that is “pregnant with possibilities” as the saying goes!
photo by Andrew Werner

This young designer shows us that even the young can have old souls. By no means is this meant to be derogatory, on the contrary, it is a great compliment as she sees a fashion that is steeped in the greatness of fashion and how great fashion was achieved. Georgine (surname unknown) has found love in the construction, fabrication and a great sense of style history. The collection demonstrates influences and inspirations that do not necessarily require verbiage but they do require intelligence and knowledge. THAT is quite refreshing in times when designers think that words define clothes and justify them.
photo Andrew Werner

With all this said, Georgine demonstrated a level of sophistication and fashion heritage that is not often recognized since most reviews are without a basis of fashion knowledge. It was not difficult to see the quality of the fabric or the influences given the styling (simple pump, gloves, hats) that was used. There was a luxe quality and a very slick vibe going on but my eyes were distracted with minor flaws which always seem to hypnotize me. The absence of a belt hiding a waist seam, the wrinkle in a hem or seam, the tightness of a garment are all things that unfortunately I see and most don’t when viewing a collection. (Even though, this past weekend I was accused of having an untrained and insensitive eye)...BITE ME!

The bottom line is simply, I see a future here and a future that will produce beautifully made and executed clothes that will defy the trends heralded by so many. It would be so great if the pundits of fashion were more concerned with fashion and style rather than trend and advertising dollars, I live in hope so I thank Georgine in helping to “join the charge.”