Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prada fall 2014 MIlan Collections

Continuing on in her quest to never make a woman look pretty we now have one more collection to add to that never ending ideal. Miuccia Prada does not disappoint when it comes to keeping her word although she might have slipped a bit this go round. In a change of pace format, this review will first state the facts then the opinion... see what you think!


Here are the facts … deco ish prints, colorful, fur looks. Sheer dresses, incongruous shoe choices of sandals with furs with sheer dresses, shapeless, patent leather boots, fur dresses, taped/piped edges, oversize proportions, emphasis on outerwear, not many handbags were shown, the ubiquitous necktie scarf,  and a preponderance of red.


The opinions are follows … the proportion looks oddly Thom Brownish, the sheer dresses are patently absurd and useless, the wooly mammoth or big foot dresses followed in that train of thought, those patent boots look mighty cheap, the color block shearlings are a bit much (to say the least) and apparently even Ms. Prada has dialed down the usual insanity she injects with each collection. From where I sit, I can actually see some appeal in the some of the shoes and the handbags as well as in that deep V chevron knit which appears over and over again in one permutation or another. While on the subject of appeal, one might even have to consider the taped or piped edged pieces. It must be difficult to try intentionally to make consistently ugly clothes but alas even she slipped and did some very palatable pieces.


Whether or not she and this collection are a barometer of what’s to come remains a mystery but what is factual is that the arrogance and hubris of past collections has slithered away in a quest to possibly SELL CLOTHES!!! Imagine that! Even consider the fact that the models didn’t look like they just rolled out of bed or were on the verge of O D’ing ... me thinks the mindset is on sales and not so much on manifesto this season!

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