Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gucci fall 2014 .. Milan Collections

Well here we are in Milan... The European leg of the journey is in full swing … let the games begin!!


One really has to wonder what is going on! In my opinion the reason that Gucci and Miss Frida dialed it down so far is that... simply said... it aint selling! It is fabulous and dreamy to paint these wonderful editorial pictures on the runway season after season but alas … you still have to sell clothes. Okay, for houses like Gucci, the clothes are not such a key factor in making money but one has to assume that after that “area” continues to lose money, one is forced to regroup and rethink apparel.


The most amazing aspect of the collection is the color palette which is a HUGE change from the black and brights of the recent past and might I add, very refreshing. Leather plays a major factor in the collection and one can see the impeccable workmanship and the abilities of the Gucci factories. Leather is handled as if it was cloth with an extremely deft hand and with great precision. The collection is very sportswear oriented and with great dresses that one can imagine being worn by real people to real events or even to a chic lunch.


One cannot help but notice the ubiquitous horse bit buckle making its presence known on boots and shoes. The boots look to be equally salable … oops... there is that dirty word again! The handbags even appear to be much more “useful” rather than just window dressing. Then of course a return to simpler shapes like pea jackets and tailored suits and of course the beloved leopard print which will probably sell out before it even hits the stores. Miss Frida has offered it up in just the right dosage and makes it as wearable and approachable as possible.


What I did see as a shortcoming was the furs, which at times, seemed to be great fun and at other times seemed to be quite ratty. All in all, my opinion is that Gucci is a winner in terms of a sales and overall look but will not set the world on fire with pizazz! Actually, that’s a good thing especially after the insanity that was London and the unsure footing shown in NY.

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