Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Badgley Mischka fall 2014 new York Collections

These 2 men cut their chops during an era when the greats of 7th Avenue were still designing. Keeping that in mind, this team honed their skills over time and developed a collection, or collections, that cohesively exist within the world of retail.


I know I am not supposed to discuss a collection in terms of wearability or salability but these guys have managed to combine the two aspects and deliver clothes that are beautifully executed as well as designed; you  know that “designers who design” thing that I keep bringing up.


To be sure,  the media elite will either pay the collection  some lip service or deliver some half-baked review since Mark and James are no longer the sweethearts they once were and aren’t really that concerned about designing trend driven styles. Instead of that, they favor offering clothes that do not require all the rhetoric, instructions and inspirations that you must grow tired of me speaking about.

Simple said, Badgley Mischka is not of the blah blah blah school of design. The facts are that the collection is all about textures, richness and fabrications that project a luxe quality and never over the top. If one is astute enough you might notice a bit of a Klimt thing going on in the evening wear with the fold embroideries and the rich brocades.


And now for another verboten sentiment... these are clothes that real people can wear; yes these are clothes of mothers of the bride and bar mitzvah moms and young socials as well as red carpet types. Now I have spoiled it for everyone by bringing reality into the picture but as I keep reminding you, this is a business of selling clothes not just pleasing Anna and Grace and the like. Bottom line is that any of those real life ladies can be considered chic and sophisticated and they must be to appreciate the quality and styles of Badgley Mischka.


Personally, I think the collection echoes all the finest qualities and heritage of the once great 7th Avenue designers who built and created American fashion while celebrating their women. These men continue to deliver consistently beautiful clothes season after season. They offer a polished look without all the bells and whistles that so many of their colleagues have opted for in place of well-designed clothes. Their long history speaks for itself; they learned their lessons well.

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