Monday, February 17, 2014

Tom Ford fall 2014 London Collections

Look out your windows! Do you see the pigs flying by? I so knew this would happen eventually and that is when so many designer presentations that preceded this show were so bad that Mr. Ford looks good!


Yes Kids I said it looks good and by that I mean wearable albeit the prices but as far as look goes... well it is simple and straight forward and not much  gimmick other than al that fur jus for the hell of it. My guess is all that supposedly fabulous stuff that he passed off for last spring and last fall wasn’t as great as the pundits and media elite said it was and the fashion victims weren’t lining up to own a piece of Ford that would be out of style by the time one got to wear it, let alone that had been trotted across every red carpet from coast to coast. Did I forget to mention all the free dresses that he gives as inducement to wear that stuff? OH!! You had to pay for yours...poor you.


Really when you get down to it, there was not much there other than some animal prints, some printed furs, some red croc and leopard or croco cowboy boots. As stated, the clothes were just okay even if there are executed in the plushest and lushest of fabrications. As for the styling he does manage to evoke that just hopped out of bed look on the girls which I have a feeling isn’t far from the truth about his following.


As for the logo sequin football top/ dress … “aren’t you ashamed to have dragged that up from Mr. Beene?” Mr. Ford, in my eyes, you are the provocateur, the stylist and the most over rated of the designer pack. The reason for such heretical talk is that basically your talents lie in marketing and self-promotion and hardly in the area of great and memorable design. Too bad that your ego is so needy and the media can be bought so easily but alas without you, I would have one less whipping post!