Monday, February 24, 2014

Dsquared² ... Milan Collections Fall 2014

My first impression is 2 fold: what happened to the bottoms of these tunics? AND ... How did they get into the wardrobe archive of Motown and find all the Supremes’ 60s wardrobe?

My comprehension extends to understanding all lengths, whether I like them or not but what it doesn’t quite grasp is why you spend all this money on creating samples that appear to be half of an outfit. One would highly doubt that an additional 2 inches in length would change the “vision” of this collection. 
 On other fronts it would truly change a lot but here...  not so much!

Here’s the other quandary about this collection and that would be who the Dsquared² customer is? She is no longer the hipster blue jean chick who wears everything with stilettos and torn jeans. Apparently she is now the hipster chick who wants to dress like a retro Carnaby street “bird” that resembles Petula Clark in her heyday. It is mind boggling to think that these boys can just continually do an about face with the direction of the clothes and think that their client base is not eroding or maybe they have no client base? To their credit ... I know it is a shock that I find a redeeming factor… this collection is a continuation of pre fall and that is an accomplishment.

Okay before I finish I need to back up here and speak of the shoes that look like they stole the ankle restraints from the electric chair and why on earth would anyone buy a gown from this collection given what the prices must be .. And oh one more thing...Did I see some Monica Vitti reference in the leopard pieces?? 

As far as entertainment goes, the Catens should be musical revue producers as they are without question great showmen but as far as stewards of their brand … not so much. One more time it is time to say... this is a business of selling clothes... if you don’t sell clothes then you don’t stay in business. It is to time to grow up and make the leap and decide who you are and not just who you are this season.