Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ralph Lauren Fall 2104 New York Collections

I guess I will be forever saying the same thing about this man and his collections… he manages to use his vocabulary over and  over again every season and somehow no matter how he manipulates the pieces of the puzzle and reassembles them, they look great!  Long thought but you get the gist!

In the midst of a huge Nor’easter, Ralph Lauren showed an apt collection of warm weather gear, French school girls and urbane chic. Cowboys, Indians, beret, puff jackets, collegiates, satins, beads, frou frou, fur and chic city girls all met on the runway. The most amazing part of it is simply that it all makes sense and it all represents the DNA of this legendary brand in all its many incarnations.

Its mind boggling that the new cult of designers feels the need to change their look every season and spew all this nonsense about their far flung arcane inspirations when all one has to do is deliver consistently beautiful collections that reflect your particular notion of fashion. It just so happens that Ralph understands this and is amongst the very few who does. It is so refreshing to be able to look at clothes and not care or even think about the raison d’etre other than these are the clothes that will sell to those who love clothes. No instruction manual or romance card required! Imagine.. consistency!

PLEASE do not take my sentiments the wrong way, these are not groundbreaking clothes but they are the clothes that defy the popular modus operandi. No one that I know of can make menopausal mauve look so thrilling and turn pale pink into the lushest color. For me, this takes talent and it is he and his teams who consistently deliver looks that weaken the knees of the fashionable and the tasteful and amaze those of us who think we have seen it all.

Those of us who are blessed with sight cannot dispute that these clothes are modern in ways that the neophytes cannot even begin to conceive of and probably will never understand. Thanks Ralph for reminding us that there is great fashion here in New York City and so much of it still comes from those built it to its iconic stature in the world of fashion.

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