Friday, February 21, 2014

Etro .. fall 2014 Milan Collections

Here’s the thing about Etro; it is most definitely an acquired taste and if you can divorce the personal like or dislike of it, you can see the perfection of it. The house so well established for its prints has built a niche for itself as a sort of bohemian resource for the rich. This is not meant in any derogatory way, as clothes like these are collected and worn only by the most discerning of fashion clients.

For Fall 2014 Veronica Etro has dialed down the exuberant colorations and mixtures of the past seasons and offered up a calmer more tonal interpretation of the house codes. Do not for one second think that she has shortchanged the brand as these clothes are as luxe and lush as ever… just a in a more tonal and subdued way. To me these are clothes that silently scream, if you catch my drift.

The execution of the collection is just flawless and the silhouettes are more relaxed and easier than most brands but that goes along possibly with a trend, if you concern yourself with such things, or it reflects the independent nature of the house. For me to analyze the collection any further would be pointless as these are clothes that speak for themselves and say what’s needed without any further blah blah blah from me or anyone else. 

You might feel a slight hint of valentine here but it might just be due to colorations…. You decide!

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